Wool Vs Fleece For Outdoor Enthusiasts
Wool Vs Fleece For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Wool Vs Fleece For Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you’re a hiker, runner or camper who likes to get out in the fresh air on a regular basis, a wool base layer is a great choice for year-round use. It is lightweight, breathable and highly insulating.

It is also easy to wash and maintain, as you can throw it in the washing machine with your other clothes. It is better for the environment and your wallet because it can be recycled, avoiding production of virgin fibers which require non-renewable petroleum to create.

Fleece can be made from many different natural materials including cotton, hemp, and rayon. Often, these synthetic fabrics are cheaper than wool and they can be dyed to any color you want making it a very affordable option for outdoor enthusiasts.

Generally, wool is more durable and long-lasting than fleece. This is because the natural fibers in wool are woven together. This means that it is more expensive to make than fleece because there are a lot of steps involved in the manufacturing process.

In addition, wool can be shorn several times over the life of an animal, whereas fleece is typically cut once a year. This allows the same sheep to be shorn numerous times over the years which reduces the carbon footprint.

Both wool and fleece are breathable but wool is slightly more breathable than fleece. This is because animal hair is naturally breathable and it allows air to pass through. This is a major factor in avoiding moisture buildup and odors. This helps you stay cool in hot weather and dry out when you get wet in rainy weather.

While both wool and fleece are insulators, the insulation in wool click here can be more effective at a lower temperature than in fleece. Because of this, wool is more effective as a mid-layer than fleece in colder temperatures.

It is important to note that fleece is not as insulating as wool once it gets wet, which is why it is best to wear wool over another material such as a down mid-layer. This will help keep the garment dry and prevent any abrasions or tears that might occur from wearing it in the rain.

When you wear a soaked fleece garment, it will lose its warmth quickly and may even become itchy, which can be uncomfortable. This is because the fabric does not have the same moisture wicking properties that wool does, so it does not pull away excess body heat as efficiently.

This makes it less insulating than wool, which is why a fleece sweater will last you a few seasons compared to a wool sweater that might be used for a number of seasons. It will also cost you more money to replace a wool jacket than it would to purchase a new fleece one.

Both types of fleece are a great choice for the outdoors, as they are lightweight and highly breathable. They are also comfortable to wear and will not add bulk to your overall layering system.